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80s music, absinthe, activism, addiction, aim, all-nighters, anger, arguing, atheism, baking, being a code monkey, being cruel, being in love, being right, being sarcastic, bisexuality, bitching, biting, black eyeliner, blood, boots, bracelets, bunnies, caffeine, candles, candy, cats, chains, chatting, chewing gum, chocolate, coffee, complaining, computers, controversy, cookies, cooking, corsets, cruel and unusual punishment, daydreaming, debate, dragons, drama, dreaming, equality, explosions, eyeliner, eyes, faeries, fantasy, fire, fireflies, fireworks, fishnet, flashy things, fonts, foreign accents, forensics, foxes, french, geeks, gems, getting mail, girls, graphic design, grey, gummi bears, guys, hating bush, hating people secretly, having long hair, hello kitty, holding grudges, horror, hot pink, html, incense, insomnia, internet, ipods, javascript, jumping on the bed, kicking ass, kitties, knives, languages, late nights, laughing at idiots, law, lighters, lightning, linguistics, magic, make up, movies, muffins, music, my friends, my little pony, mythology, neocolours, neopets, night, nintendo, obsessing, other people's hair, paint shop pro, papa roach, pasta, php, piercings, pirates, politics, pretty stuff, pro-choice, procrastinating, programming, purple, rain, randomness, rock, romance, roses, safety pins, sarcasm, scars, secrets, sex, sharp objects, sleeping, snarkiness, spanish, stalking people, stars, stephen king, swishy skirts, tattoos, the 80s, the beach, the internet, the nightmare before christmas, tool, trust, urban legends, victorian dress, video games, web design, weed, whips, zoos